Web page link


We are approaching the time when we need to renew our webpage hosting fees. It seems that during the hand-over last year two links were running concurrently:- bridgnorthukes.uk and uke-club.uk. When they come up for renewal they would be charged for separately. I will need to choose which one we keep. Anyone who logs in using uke-club.uk, can you please ensure that your login is changed to bridgnorthukes.uk or you will not find the right page.

Update: Apologies to those of you who have carried out the above instructions. The web login should not be ‘uke-club.uk’ but ‘ bridgnorthukes.uk. So anyone using the uku-club login will be unable to find the site.

Our login will remain:- bridgnorthukes.uk

In addition to this the email address contact@uke-club.uk will become inactive and will be replaced with contact@bridgnorthukes.uk