Website hosting

Here’s an interesting part of the process. Keeping a website going means that all of the ‘stuff’ that is put on the website has to be hosted by an online hosting company. The website creators (me) do all the ‘jiggling about’ (as in the video clip below) and then send the result to the hosting company who provide a space for it on the internet. For this they charge an annual fee. Do not worry, however, the club manages to cover this out of the weekly subscriptions that we all make when we meet (under normal circumstances).

To this end Malcolm (our beloved leader) was spotted this morning carefully making his way up our drive and depositing an envelope through my letterbox! “Hmmm….what could this be?” Well he had got into his car and driven over here first thing this morning to bring this envelope which contained chunks of metal and pieces of paper with inscriptions on which, after close inspection, I recall being something called ‘money’ – actual cash! to the tune of over £115! Now I remember this stuff from the days when it was used in shops to pay for goods and services. Where anyone could find these items in this day and age I am not sure but I reckon I’ll find somewhere that I can palm them off. The reason for all this is because the company were due payment and a day or two ago I tapped a few keys on my keyboard, without having to leave the house and seconds later the company acknowledged that they had been paid, job done. The novelty of having cash in my hand (once suitable sterilized etc.) will prove an interesting one however. – I wonder if there’s an easier way?