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Why risk it? Research undertaken at UCL found middle-aged Brits who enjoyed “receptive arts” events monthly had a 31% lower risk of dying.

Britons over 50 who attend live concerts and shows have been found to live longer, according to a study.

As reported by The Sun, experts at University College London followed over 6,700 Britons for 15 years, and found that those who attended gigs, concerts, galleries, the theatre, the opera, museums and exhibitions regularly had less chance of dying early.

When these activities and events – which came under the umbrella of “receptive arts” – were attended monthly by participants, the study found they had 31 per cent less risk of dying over the next 14 years compared to those who never went out at all.

Lead researcher Dr Daisy Fancourt said: “We found that arts engagement could have a protective association with longevity in older adults, which could partly be explained by differences in cognitions, mental health, and physical activity.”

Here are a few to consider:-

Upton Ukulele Festival Thurs 18th to Sunday 21st June 2020.

The 2020 festival will have a different ‘flavour’ from ‘other’ Ukulele festivals. Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of opportunities for you all to get your Ukuleles out and play BUT there will be stages that will have TOP CLASS ENTERTAINERS and BRILLIANT MUSICIANS which are ‘listen only’. (Daytime as well as evening). Some are well established entertainers who we’re certain you will have heard of but may not be usually associated with the Ukulele. For instance, how many people realise Eric Clapton’s first instrument was Ukulele…..and he still plays!
Also some names who you may not have heard of (yet) rising stars such as featured at the last festival like Darla Jade who has since toured worldwide with numerous TV and Radio appearances and new records.
Expect many more at the 2020 festival!
One stage will be dedicated solely to ORIGINAL MATERIAL and we’ve persuaded none other than Nick Cody to host it. Welcome to the team Nick.
CAMPING and STROLLER tickets:- MOST daytime venues are free entry BUT there will be some where you need a STROLLER ticket. You will certainly need a stroller for the evening performances (7pm to 11pm) but believe us when we say, they’ll be worth every penny.
There will be Full Festival AND Day strollers tickets.
Camping only is also available should you not wish to purchase a stroller.
For day visitors we also have a festival car park. Day visitors, please support the festival by using it.
Early Bird tickets will be available early in January. Once headline artists are announced (after contract exchange) then tickets will be full price so you better be quick if you want a bargain!

Here’s wishing you all a Super Special Fun Filled Christmas.

Till the next time…

Keep Strummin’


Shrewkfest – link here :-

And here are a few more to consider. Don’t put it off as many offer early bird discounts which will be running out soon. If you know of any others please let us know.

Big House In The North 21st–24th Feb 2020
Bognor Regis Ukulele Festival 17th-20th Sept
Frome Ukulele Festival 28th March 2020
Grand Northern Ukulele 18th-21st June
Meet The Makers Festival 15th – 17th May
Shrewkfest 24th-26th July 2020
Summer Strum – Hoylake 4th – 5th July 2020
Uke Room – Forest Of Dean 26th-28th June 2020
Upton Ukulele Festival 18th – 21st June 2020
Winchester Ukulele Festival 30th May