Teenage Kicks updated

Last Wednesday, Duncan pointed out that the version of Teenage Kicks showing on the web just contained the one song instead of the mash-up version of two songs. If you don’t have the mash-up version, you can download it now from the Songs menu. We endeavour to keep the site accurate, so please let us know if you notice something wrong.

We have a winner…

of the Spooky Homepage Competition. Kris spotted it as of 15:18 this afternoon! People are moving around in the houses in the picture above. Each time you refresh the page (either via your browser or clicking the Home button) different lights go on an off in different rooms in the houses. There’s even a shadowy figure who sometimes appears in one of the windows. A set of strings will be coming your way Kris.

Kris receives her prize.

Note: this effect only happened in the 2018 winter scene.

Changes to our repertoire

Then I Kissed Her and All Around My Hat have been fully admitted and we have tweaked the colour coding of a number of other songs. Minor key versions of Bad Moon Rising and That’s Alright Mama, and the mash up of Blue Moon of Kentucky/I Walk the Line/That’s Alright Mama have been sent to Room 101.

For those who are interested, here are the details of the changes:

Saturday 24th August Wedding

We have been invited to perform as guests arrive at a wedding on Saturday 24th August, 2019, from 5:30 pm at the Boddnham Arborteum. At this stage we are trying to gauge numbers, so please let us know via email, Facebook or on Wednesday night if you’re available. Please note that this date clashes with the Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

Don’t forget the fun starts again this Wednesday 9th January.

Bridgnorth Ukulele Club resumes on Wednesday 9th January 2019.