Room 100

Welcome to Room 100

These songs tend to be more difficult, but we still play them at club nights.

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Please note, computer file names don’t always conform exactly to song titles. 

  1. Apeman
  2. Arms of Mary
  3. Blackberry Way
  4. Girls Girls Girls
  5. Hey Baby
  6. Hold On Tight to Your Dreams
  7. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
  8. I’ll See You in My Dreams
  9. It Must Be Love
  10. My Way
  11. Pencil Full of Lead
  12. Proud Mary
  13. Red Rose Cafe
  14. Something Stupid
  15. Stray Cat Strut
  16. Tell Him
  17. The Longest Time
  18. Whistle for the Choir
  19. Yeh Yeh

With much thanks to the Bridgnorth Ukulele Band (2010 – 2018), Cool and Uke, Jim, Richard G, the San Jose Ukulele Club and the Wolverhampton Ukulele Band.