Right then folks. Here is the homework that has been set this week. We are going to learn what at first sight might look a difficult song by breaking it down into smaller chunks of chord sequences. Here are the chords. We will get stuck into practicing them this week so should have the hang of them ready for next Wednesday:-

So much for the intro chords. We now have the chords that accompany the whole of our “difficult song” :-

Downloadable versions of these can be found at the bottom of the Holding Pen. (Not what you’d expect to find at the bottom of a holding pen!)

Good luck.

Further songlist changes:-

Our songlists have been further amended. We now have three separate songlists. One for clubnights, one for performing and one for songs which we are trialling prior to adding to one of the other lists.

Songlist changes

Our songlist has been changed. We have removed 37 songs from our current playlist. We have created a separate playlist containing songs to play at performances. These two lists can be found on our ‘Songs’ Page

Singalong recordings

Don’t miss out

If you are missing our regular weekly sessions there are two ways that we are trying to remedy that. Firstly there is the weekly online ‘virtual clubnight’ every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.

Secondly, Wynrob Productions (Wyn and Robert – mainly Robert!) have collaborated to bring you recordings of Bridgnorth club’s recordings from club nights that you can access and play along with whenever you like.

Just use this link:-


which will take you directly to the folder and have fun playing along. Please note that a link to these files will also be found in our ‘Gallery’ section.

Don’t feel left out, join in on Wednesday for a (virtual) club night.

If you feel that you are missing out, we are running a weekly online ‘meeting’ at 7.00pm on Wednesdays. Those who wish to ‘attend’ can send their email address to the website (contact@uke-club.uk ) or forward it to Malcolm, Christina or myself directly or through the club’s Facebook page. Please do this now rather than last minute. In this time of self isolation it means that we can have a chat, say hello to each other and keep in touch. There can be an opportunity to ‘Open Mike’ for those who wish to keep their strumming hands working. Download and install the Zoom app from your play store on your device and Malcolm will send a link to all who have sent in their email addresses to be included. If you need any further information please ask.