Club closure

Hello folks! owing to the prevailing weather conditions and the forecast for prolonged heavy rain from midday tomorrow and several attempts to contact the All Forces club with no success I think it sensible to cancel Wednesday 19th Feb club night.

Sorry but with the increased risk of flooding and the state of the roads around Bridgnorth it makes sense. See you all next week Malcolm. ☹️☹️☹️

Logo competition

Here’s something for the designers among us. We are launching a competition to find a suitable logo for our club. Here are a few examples that other clubs have used:-

But I’m sure our talented members could do better!

Malcolm is offering a prize for whoever comes up with the winning entry. (I might have heard something about one of the Ferraris from the Auto Festival gig……but then I didn’t have my hearing aids switched on at the time!). So get designing,

Beware of accepting any gigs in the Worcs. area!

I think they’re out to get us!

New songs added

There are files for the new additions in the ‘Songs’ area. They are:-

“I Can See Clearly Now”

“I Love To Boogie” – (Further amendment 22nd Jan)

“Rock And Roll Music”

“Times They Are A-changin'”

“Fields Of Athenry”

“All About You”

Go, get ’em!

Also there have been a lot of songs listed in the single sheets that have been updated. Please check that you are up to date.

Christmas ukuleles

We were surprised to see that none of the members had a new ukulele for Christmas this year. Usually there are a few of them around the room. The nearest we got this year was Dani modelling her new strap:-

Well, looks like we spoke too soon. Last week Dani had a new strap and this week a new ukulele! We can look forward to hearing sweet music.

Upton Ukulele Festival

Image may contain: text
Upton Ukulele Festival

16 hrs ·

Hi, there with another quick update for you about The Upton Ukulele Festival 18th to 21st June 2020.

First, a request. We realise not everyone’s on Facebook. If you know someone who plays or enjoys Ukulele can you please email them on our behalf and tell them of our website

Secondly, between 10am and 7pm on Friday AND Saturday 19th & 20th June we have up to a dozen stages for soloists/ bands / ensembles to play on. Each slot is 45 minutes duration (+15 minutes for changeover). If you fancy one of these slots please post a short video on here so we can work out who goes where. We will try and accommodate as many as possible.

Third, last festival we had complaints, no really, we did! People were playing their Ukulele till 3 & 4am on the campsite and there were some who would rather be asleep at that time. So for the 2020 festival the campsite will have a ‘quiet area’ and a ‘noisy area’. Choose your site wisely. Those who have been before know how big the campsite is (camping for up to 30,000) so separate areas are easily do-able.

Fourth, you will have noted the daytime stage times finish (officially) at 7pm. The reason? 7pm till 11pm the main acts are appearing on the Main Stage. We are certain you won’t want to miss seeing them. Matt is busy sorting this as I type. Once contracts have been exchanged we’ll let you know who they are. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Oh did I mention the Main Stage Marquee will also have a licensed bar 🍺👍

Fifth, again there will be a schools stage so if you know someone who teaches Ukulele please tell them about this stage & ask them to contact us via the website.

Sixth, last but certainly not least we also have a stage dedicated to
ORIGINAL Ukulele Songs (OUS). There are lots of members on the OUS Facebook group who are aware of this stage but just in case you write and perform your own material at least you are now aware of this stage. Once again, slots are 45 minutes so you’ll need to have enough material for this. It is of course open to single performers and bands but it MUST be original material.

Think that’s all for now ….

Until the next time… Keep Strummin’