Playlist changes

The latest changes to our playlists have now taken effect. The songs from the holding pen are now released into the wild! Some have migrated to our general playlist. A couple have been given the heave-ho (Mr Tambourine Man and Rock And Roll Music) and some new ones have been added (plus one that was never tried). Head on over to the ‘holding pen’ to get up to date.

A get together at last ……..

This is what we have been waiting for! After much behind the scenes activity we have arranged a way to see each other and sing and play together. Weather permitting, those of our club members wishing to do so will be able to go to our usual club and have a session in the garden at the back. There will be ample room to allow social distancing and there will be the necessary precautions so as to meet with government guidelines.

The finer details are still being discussed but the date is set for:-

Let’s all give it some ‘welly’.

Website hosting

Here’s an interesting part of the process. Keeping a website going means that all of the ‘stuff’ that is put on the website has to be hosted by an online hosting company. The website creators (me) do all the ‘jiggling about’ (as in the video clip below) and then send the result to the hosting company who provide a space for it on the internet. For this they charge an annual fee. Do not worry, however, the club manages to cover this out of the weekly subscriptions that we all make when we meet (under normal circumstances).

To this end Malcolm (our beloved leader) was spotted this morning carefully making his way up our drive and depositing an envelope through my letterbox! “Hmmm….what could this be?” Well he had got into his car and driven over here first thing this morning to bring this envelope which contained chunks of metal and pieces of paper with inscriptions on which, after close inspection, I recall being something called ‘money’ – actual cash! to the tune of over £115! Now I remember this stuff from the days when it was used in shops to pay for goods and services. Where anyone could find these items in this day and age I am not sure but I reckon I’ll find somewhere that I can palm them off. The reason for all this is because the company were due payment and a day or two ago I tapped a few keys on my keyboard, without having to leave the house and seconds later the company acknowledged that they had been paid, job done. The novelty of having cash in my hand (once suitable sterilized etc.) will prove an interesting one however. – I wonder if there’s an easier way?

Web page link


We are approaching the time when we need to renew our webpage hosting fees. It seems that during the hand-over last year two links were running concurrently:- and When they come up for renewal they would be charged for separately. I will need to choose which one we keep. Anyone who logs in using, can you please ensure that your login is changed to or you will not find the right page.

Update: Apologies to those of you who have carried out the above instructions. The web login should not be ‘’ but ‘ So anyone using the uku-club login will be unable to find the site.

Our login will remain:-

In addition to this the email address will become inactive and will be replaced with

Shrewkfest and Upton cancelled

Sadly we have had official confirmation that both of these festivals will not be able to go ahead this year. The current situation would make them impossible. Next year we hope they will be back bigger and better, so watch this space.

Further songlist changes:-

Our songlists have been further amended. We now have three separate songlists. One for clubnights, one for performing and one for songs which we are trialling prior to adding to one of the other lists.

Songlist changes

Our songlist has been changed. We have removed 37 songs from our current playlist. We have created a separate playlist containing songs to play at performances. These two lists can be found on our ‘Songs’ Page

Singalong recordings

Don’t miss out

If you are missing our regular weekly sessions there are two ways that we are trying to remedy that. Firstly there is the weekly online ‘virtual clubnight’ every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.

Secondly, Wynrob Productions (Wyn and Robert – mainly Robert!) have collaborated to bring you recordings of Bridgnorth club’s recordings from club nights that you can access and play along with whenever you like.

Just use this link:-!AHs2cSszLIFVgQU

which will take you directly to the folder and have fun playing along. Please note that a link to these files will also be found in our ‘Gallery’ section.