Christmas Party 2022

Where to begin? Well the song says “lets start at the very beginning a very good place to start” but dear reader you should know us by now and conventional we are not !! So here goes- Last night was the last meeting of the year and as is the custom it was also Party Night ! and by all accounts and judging by the videos I have seen it was a splendid affair showcasing the talents of the group, the new mixing desk( 16 channels don’t ya know) an accomplished twirly giving us a display of jazz hands and a buffet to die for! What a way to round off a superb year.
Checking the gig diary we performed 10 times throughout the year in venues as varied as St Leonards church in Bridgnorth and Essington Carnival interspersed with our customary Italian Auto Moto gig in the park ( check out the video on u tube which features one of the founder members of the club on his scooter)! Children in need at Much Wenlock and various local support groups, its been a busy old year!
Highlights of the year must be our first gig directed by a professional sound engineer, St Leonards church support group (great acoustics)! And Children in need which as well as collecting £800 for that very worthy cause we turned the whole event into a social with chip butties and drinks all round during the break in the George and Dragon directly opposite where we were playing , how good does it get??
Mention has to be made of the many new members that have joined us during the year especially those that have successfully reduced the average age by 50yrs !! all of whom have adopted the club motto – If you can’t stand the insults you are in the wrong club !!
It has to be said that we are so lucky in the club to have such superb members who without knowing it or indeed without working at it, bring such fun and laughter and oodles of talent to Wednesday nights.
Well that’s it then, a wonderful year which will be difficult to top in 2023! but you can bet your kazoo we will have a damn good try!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year
Malcolm and Christina