John Warmer 80th

In early August of this year I received an email from someone whose name I did not recognise. It began by saying that it was Tina, from America. My first thought is that it might be someone wanting to sell me something or something else that I didn’t really want. Hardly surprising when I regularly get emails from people who say they have looked in great detail at the website and can identify several ways how I may improve sales! (anyone who looks at the website could easily see that it does not SELL ANYTHING).

Anyway, as I read on I saw that it was from John Warmer’s daughter. She explained that for John’s forthcoming birthday she intended to travel over and arrange a surprise meal for him, inviting family and friends. She was aware of John’s connection with the Ukulele Club and had contacted me via the website to see if a few members might be persuaded to play at such an event.

My reaction was immediate. Not only might a few be persuaded, but ALL would be honoured to do so. Thus began a series of secret messages and arrangements which culminated in the most amazing event at The Down on Saturday 14th Oct 2023.

We all assembled in the private room in readiness for his arrival. As he came through the door he was met by a rousing cheer. He was momentarily stunned as he took in what he was seeing and a tear welled up in his eye. To say he was thrilled was an understatement! He made his way around the room with handshakes and hugs for everyone. We were then served a delicious meal from the carvery.

The Ukulele Band then took their place at the front of the room and performed to an extremely appreciative audience, we also had John and several members of the extended family on stage with us singing and playing. What a memorable and heart warming gig. It made John’s birthday such a surprise and we would like to thank Tina for contacting us and asking us to play. We were honoured to do so for someone who is so highly regarded within the club. Thank you.

When it was all over and we packed up to leave, it had been a perfect day out in the countryside, sun shining, birds singing, smiles (and a few emotional tears of joy) all round. Fabulous meal and a wonderful audience. As I drove out of the gate there was a brief spot of drizzle – giving rise to a fabulous rainbow over the scene. It was very short lived but it was a perfect end to the day.

I Have added the initial pictures from the day and am awaiting others which family members are arranging to send me.

Meanwhile, John’s response:-

…And from Tina and family:-