St Leonards 2023

A group of ukulele players raised more than £700 charity at the weekend as they played their annual concert to raise money for charity.

The Bridgnorth Ukulele Band has been together for around 12 years and in that time has raised nearly £40,000 for charity.

Each year, the 35-strong group plays in St Leonard’s Church in High Town to raise money for he church and Cancer Research.

More than 100 ukulele fans came to watch the band perform on Saturday night for “Picnic in a Pew” in which the audience brings their own food for the concert.

This year the group raised £750.

Member Malcolm Hill says the small string instrument has never been so popular with people.

He said: “It is probably the most popular instrument that people learn these days and has even surpassed the recorder as being the most popular instrument people learn to play in schools. I think it is so popular because there are only four strings so is easy to learn.